Hitler’s Book Rewritten

I’m kind of a museum nut but I totally get why people would rather stick needles in their eyes than go to a museum. But if you only see one exhibit this year, by all means make an effort to see, “Our Struggle: Responding to Mein Kampf” at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. It is a small exhibit but will definitely leave an impression on you.

The exhibit is the creation of French painter/photographer Linda Ellia who came across a copy of Adolf Hitler’s book, “Mein Kampf”, back in 2005. Having experienced anti-Semitism in her own life, she tore up Hitler’s book and started altering the pages to express her anger, pain and frustrations. She then got the idea to tear up the entire book and gave the pages to holocaust survivors, artists, writers, poets, musicians, film makers, journalists, and students so they could take Hitler’s words and dismantle them into whatever they wanted. Some people expressed extreme pain and anger while others belittled Hitler and made his work look foolish. My personal favorite was a drawing of a page being used as a roll of toilet paper. There is also a film showing the making of the exhibit which runs about 15 minutes long. It’s totally worth it.

Exhibit Info- Contemporary Jewish Museum-Located at 736 Mission Street, San Francisco- On display until June 8, 2010.


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