Travel from the couch/or not

Motorcycle Diaries

One of my favorite things to do when I just can’t get away is have a travel movie marathon. People think that travel movies are limited to old Audrey Hepburn movies but they come in all varieties. Of course, Audrey Hepburn movies are my all time favorite but here is my list of travel movies I have enjoyed over the years. On the flip side, it’s followed by the list that might make you want to stay home! These are great to watch on rainy days, off-season, until the recession breaks, you name it. I would also love to hear from others who have a favorite film that made you want to hop on a plane or barricade yourself inside your home! Here they are in no particular order:              

Grab your passport movies:              

The DaVinci Code

  1. Roman Holiday (Rome)
  2. Funny Face (Paris)
  3. Tea with Mussolini (Italy)
  4. Only You (Italy)
  5. Forget Paris (France)
  6. Motorcycle Diaries (South America)
  7. Priscilla Queen of the Desert (Australia)
  8. Summertime (Venice)
  9. Singles (Seattle)
  10. Lost in Translation (Tokyo) I didn’t get this movie but thought it was a great film for the Tokyo Tourist Board.
  11. Chocolat (France)
  12. French Kiss (France) I like France, o.k.?
  13. The Da Vinci Code (Europe)
  14. When Harry Met Sally (New York City) . My alternate for New York City is Saturday Night Fever because that’s the New York I thought I was going to experience when I grew up. That’s what I get for not reaching adolescence until the 80’s.
  15. Sleepless in Seattle (Tacoma) Just kidding.

    Paris Je'Taime

  16. Paris Je T’aime (Paris)
  17. The English Patient (Africa)
  18. It Started in Naples (Italy)
  19. South Pacific (Tahiti)
  20. Troy (Filmed in Malta)


I’m never leaving my house movies:              

  1. Midnight Express (Turkey) 


  2. Hostel 1 & 2 (Europe)
  3. Hannibal (Italy)
  4. Into the Wild (U.S.)
  5. American Werewolf in London (London)
  6. Alive (Andes)
  7. U-Turn (Arizona)
  8. In Bruges (Bruges)
  9. Deliverance (South Carolina)
  10. The Ruins (Mexico)
  11. Titanic (Atlantic Ocean)
  12. Every season of Lost (South Pacific)
  13. Brokedown Palace (Thailand)

    Open Water

  14. Return to Paradise (Thailand)
  15. Open Water (Caribbean, but the real story took place in Australia)


  16. Naked Prey (Africa)
  17. The Descent (in a cave)
  18. The Shining (hotel)
  19. Psycho (hotel)
  20. Blair Witch Project (Maryland)


Don’t be scared. At least the scenery was nice in all of these.  🙂      

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5 thoughts on “Travel from the couch/or not

  1. I found this post with a search on “Armchair Travel” tags. I love your lists, especially because I saw “French Kiss” among the titles – one of my favorite movies! I even own the soundtrack – two CDs to be exact, one for the car, one for home. I realize this borders on crazy. I have to justify the CDs to people like being a fan of the movie – which just makes me laugh. Meg and Kevin are ridiculously funny. Also among the “I must justify why I like this movie” category is Capt. Ron. Reason #1? Location, location, location – the Caribbean, or what appears to be the Caribbean! So dumb, but I love the Caribbean, so whatever takes me there in my mind is a good thing. Anyway, I also love that you have an “Armchair Travel” category. Thought you might find this post from my blog interesting:

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