Osmosis Day Spa-Freestone,CA

I love spas. I always have. I don’t think twice about stripping down to my freckles if that’s what it takes to be pampered. My friend Lisa and I have driven past one particular spa many times and finally stopped during our jaunt on the Bohemian Highway (North Bay, between Sepastopol and Bodega. More on the Bohemian Hwy to come). The Osmosis Day Spa www.osmosis.com  is a founding member of the Green Spa Network, a network dedicated to eco-friendly practices in the spa industry. Since we were there on a whim, I didn’t get to enjoy a treatment but we sniffed (literally) around as much as possible because there was a scent that was so nice I just had to know what it was. The concierge at the front desk said it was their signature Cedar Enzyme Bath treatment, which is finely ground up evergreens mixed in with rice bran. I know, it sounds like healthy cereal but it’s a luxurious mixture poured into a redwood tub where you bake until you’re a wet noodle. Someone comes around putting cold compresses on your head to keep you cool while you soak. I’ve had mud baths before and loved them even though I’m not much of a heat person but this sounds really different. I know my friends will be all over this.

However, I prefer to have the tar beaten out of me since I have the most stubborn knots in my neck known to woman kind. So for me, they have a variety of specialty massages such as Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, connective tissue, and others. I’m pretty hooked on Shiatsu so that will be where I start. I’ll let you know if they pass the bruise test. I’m not happy unless I look like I’ve been flogged! The massage areas are standard or you can have a massage in one of their secluded pagodas. Guess where I’ll be?!

The most impressive part of this place that I haven’t seen in other spas, is the beautiful Japanese gardens in the surrounding area. They have a gorgeous meditation area which you are invited to stay in before or after your treatments. We couldn’t get over the extensive bamboo paths that allow for meandering throughout the grounds. There’s no way anybody would have any tension after walking around this property and being a part of the quiet atmosphere. We didn’t have a treatment but just being on the property made us feel like…. ahhhhh. Can’t wait to book my massage! Don’t forget…this is a business who is eco-conscious, using organic products on your body as well as promoting eco-friendly practices. That makes me feel better already!

Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary/209 Bohemian Highway/Freestone, CA.  95472/707-823-8231


To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.



2 thoughts on “Osmosis Day Spa-Freestone,CA

    • I believe they do offer a variety of skin care and facial options with an emphasis on using organic products during their treatments. I agree, being a San Jose native myself, there should be something like this in Silicon Valley!

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