Sonoma Coast Villa & Spa-Bodega,CA

This is one of those places where you’re driving along and you say, “ooohh that’s pretty…hit the brakes!”  That’s exactly what we did when driving along Coast Highway One in Bodega, when we saw this beautiful spa and villa located just off the highway. I think I had glossed over the name in guide books but never actually made the effort to see it. Luckily we just happened to pass by.

The Sonoma Coast Villa & Spa is totally private and set back from the main road that has a beautiful, Mediterranean feel to it. We felt very comfortable when we walked in and started grabbing every bit of info we could get our hands on and instantly wanted to start exploring. The vice president of the villas, Johannes, was there and was kind enough to give two nosy women who were just showing a mere interest, a full guided tour of the entire property. I have to say, that in itself is not common. Having traveled over the years, you often run into concierges and business owners who hand you a brochure and send you on your way. I think this says a lot about a place. In any case, we got a full tour around the beautiful private villas which include private patio/sitting areas attached to the rooms, and they are able to accommodate honeymoon couples to large groups. They have full spa services, a putting green, and my favorite part, horseback riding.

The horseback riding services alone are worth the trip. Having gone on some fantastic horseback riding outings in Lake Tahoe as a kid, I’m forever trying to find decent horseback riding in the Bay Area.  The SC Villa offers open range riding for experienced riders, lessons, trail rides, private picnic rides, pony rides, and a sunset ride, among other options. Best of all, it’s open to the public. Johannes introduced us to his two favorite horses and the stable operator pointed out the rest of their beautiful horses who were up the hill from us, grazing. There was also a white baby colt snoozing on the hill.

The room rates start at $135, but check their website for current rates and availability. Also check for seasonal specials and mid-week rates. They offer one night stays Sunday – Thursday which would make for a nice break during the week.

Sonoma Coast Villa & Spa

16702 Coast Highway One

Bodega, CA. 94922



2 thoughts on “Sonoma Coast Villa & Spa-Bodega,CA

  1. A good place to take that special someone if you know what i mean. LOL. This is good to keep in mind. I never considered going to Bodega Bay, cause of “The Birds” but I suppose I better take a trip one of these days.

    • Ha Ha! I forgot about “The Birds!” Actually, it’s in the town of Bodega, not Bodega Bay. It’s funny ’cause all of their literature says, “Not Bodega Bay”. I didn’t know!

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