Arizona Si or No?

I’ve been out of commission for a couple of weeks but I’ve been playing close attention to this Arizona business. Let’s just say that I’ve been “accused” of looking like every nationality under the sun except for Swedish and African American so I know a little something about being profiled. Let’s first state the obvious. It’s very easy for those who have not experienced any kind of racial profiling in their lives, to create it for someone else. I honestly don’t see myself running off to Arizona to experience this first hand but I have to stick to my beliefs on this one and say that I will probably always support tourism and discovery before I let political skirmishes get in my way. If I wanted to run off to the Phoenician in Scottsdale this year, I would. (By the way, that’s a fabulous resort.) I spoke to somebody last week who told me that she is going away for a week. When I asked where she was going, she whispered to me, “Sedona.” She said she knows that it’s not the most politically correct place to go now, and then I stopped her. I told her to go and have a fantastic time because we still have to support our parks, our national monuments, our natural wonders, and this country needs tourism in general since the economy is in the toilet. Basically, there are too many variables involved to just stop tourism to Arizona all together no matter where you are on the immigration issue. I will say that I think the governor should have seen a major backlash coming from this but nonetheless, I don’t want to punish the natural wonders of Arizona because of this issue. I urge everybody who actually likes to golf in 120 degree weather to go for it. I don’t see myself going anytime soon but I encourage those who are willing, to go ahead and enjoy and spend money to your little hearts’ content. By the way, I’m not staying away from Arizona just because of the possibility of having to prove my citizenship. I have family from Arizona and still have childhood trauma from having june bugs clinging to my shirts and seeing snake skins hanging from my cousins’ walls. I’m just not cut out to be in the desert.


2 thoughts on “Arizona Si or No?

  1. Arizona is a beautiful state to visit. I’ve been here for half of my life, and I still look at our mountains in awe! It has been particularly beautiful this year with the rain that we’ve had, and our below average temperatures. It has been a fantastic year to visit, and although I’ve been here for going on 14 years, I’ve yet to see snakes, unless they’ve been run over by a passing car. I did however get my first scorpion in the house this year; really could have done without that!

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