World Cup South Africa-Why it’s more than just games

Bishop Desmond Tutu/Reuters


Is there anything better than watching Bishop Desmond Tutu dance around in South African sports garb like a 5 year old? What about all of the promos leading up to the event showing how beautiful Africa is and how great it is that the continent is the center of positive press and currently home to such unity. It wasn’t long ago that South Africa was associated with apartheid and such negative images on the nightly world news but for a time it gets to be the center of unity and sportsmanship. (That is until Brazil plays Portugal. Then it’s on.) And it’s only fitting that the man who was held in prison for 25 years then became president of the country who jailed him, brought such an event to bring joy to his country. And in spite of the tragedy that struck his family on the night before the event he waited so long to enjoy, Nelson Mandela still sent a message to his country, encouraging everyone to enjoy the games in spite of his absence. Still, his pressence was missed.      

Nelson Mandela/Galerie Ezakwantu


Maybe it’s because I’ve always wanted to visit Africa and just have not done so yet, but this World Cup seems more meaningful for some reason. I hope South Africa will continue to have a peaceful and joyful month through the end of the finals and here’s hoping that this will prove to be a succesful event for them. They certainly deserve it. Having said that,      

                  Go Italy!!!!


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