Pet Friendly Hotels-Hotel Monaco

I’ve been wanting to sing the praises of these fantastic hotels for some time now. The Hotel Monaco hotels, a chain of pet-friendly hotels in the Kimpton Hotel Group offers a fun, comfortable, pampering way to enjoy your stay with your furry baby when traveling to  some of Americas coolest cities. 

Though I pass by the Hotel Monaco in San Francisco often, I first experienced the great customer service and pleasant atmosphere this hotel group offers when I stayed in Chicago. The Hotel Monaco in Chicago overlooks the Chicago River, with the House of Blues within view and is located around the corner from shopping and dining to your heart’s content. Though it may vary from location to location, the hotel group has a standard set for all of their hotels offering amenities such as providing pet bowls, beds, pet massage books, goodie bags with bottled water and snacks, or something similar. After filling out the pet request form, they prepare the proper accommodations for you and your traveling buddy. No doggie? No problem! The reason why I booked this hotel is because they will lend you a pet if you don’t have one! The Hotel Monaco  provides a goldfish for your room upon request if you don’t have a little buddy of your own. The staff is trained to feed and care for him, leaving you free to just enjoy his company. Just call ahead and request to have a little Nemo of your own put into your room prior to your arrival.

Typically decked out in funky, boutique style decor, it’s plush without feeling stuffy and makes you want to stay in your room to chill out. My room had a window seat almost big enough to sleep on, offering a quiet and cozy spot while watching the activity around Chicago’s downtown. On any Hotel Monaco website click on The Story and you will see how each hotel strives to compliment its city. For example, in Chicago, the theme is Great Taste. They mention the South Water Kitchen restaurant and I can tell you first hand that the food is fantastic. I had a difficult time wanting to try other restaurants because I was so hooked. In San Francisco, the theme is Sophisticated World Travel, where the decor reflects how style and sophistication are synonymous with travel. Gotta Love That. Descriptions for each location can be found on the website to see what makes each particular hotel unique.

The hotel group gets extra points as far as I’m concerned based on their receiving Green Seal Certification for practicing as an eco-friendly organization. Green Seal Certification is not easy for a hotel to obtain but with the Kimpton Hotels’ Earth Care program, they have shown a dedication to providing 4 star service while making every effort to remain environmentally friendly. A big green smiley face to you, Hotel Monaco and the Kimpton Hotel Group!


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