French Festival-Santa Barbara

Every year in July I start to get the blues knowing that Bastille Day in France is approaching and I won’t be there to watch the fireworks go off around the Eiffel Tower. I have sort of sworn off of traveling to Europe in the summer for a while because I’ve become allergic to inflated ticket prices, rather preferring to travel off-season. The downside is that I miss out on all of the cool events that take place during high season so I have to look elsewhere for doses of culture where I can find it.   

The French Festival in Santa Barbara takes place on Bastille Day weekend every year and never disappoints. Francophiles from all over come together to celebrate everything Francaise (except for this year’s soccer team) and everything from delicious food to belly dancers can be found. However, the biggest and main reason to experience the Santa Barbara French Festival is to watch the tre chic Poodle Parade. Yes, the greatest breed known to mankind will be on display, in all shapes, sizes, colors, and breeds? Believe it or not, the occasional wannabe will enter, trying to pass as a poodle. The last time I attended this event an adorable golden retriever was sporting a beret, trying to pass himself off as a standard poodle. How can you pass this up?? Viva La France!!!!   

Edourd Boubat

Where:  Oak Park-Santa Barbara -From 101 North, exit at Pueblo. 101 South, exit at Mission   

When: July 17 & 18


One thought on “French Festival-Santa Barbara

  1. I LOVE the french festival! It never fails to be entertaining. The attractions and food are always superb! As a long time visitor, a great place to stay while attending the festival is The Sandman Inn ( Located close to all the action Santa Barbara has to offer, it is incredibly budget friendly. Allowing you to save your money for more important things! Viva la France!

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