Adios World Cup 2010- :(

Thank you South Africa for hosting an awesome World Cup! My old favorite teams didn’t do a damn thing, but I have a new appreciation for the South American teams including the incredible team from Uruguay. Was there a more entertaining and nail-biting team than that one? The controversy of Suarez, the finesse of Diego Forlan- who thought the color sky-blue could be so threatening?! Brazil had always been in the limelight in the past but they choked early on, letting Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay take the stage.  Good God, watching Maradona was a show in itself. That kind of insanity is priceless! Holland had an incredibly talented team and it could have gone either way but team Espana pulled it off.  I would love to take that little octopus Paul to Vegas to play roulette.  In the end, I am extremely happy with the result.

……But thank God it’s over! Now I can:

–  Do the laundry

–  Get to work on time

–  Water my plants

–  Feed my cat when she is hungry

–  Go back to the gym

–  Go grocery shopping for real food

–  Sleep in

–  Stop eating bar food

–  Stop drinking alcohol at 10:00a.m on Saturdays

–  Stop trying to get to bars by 7:00a.m in some cases. I have very dedicated friends.

–  Get ESPN and UNIVISION off of my favorite channel list

–  Give a crap about the real world again. Not looking forward to that.

This should hold me over until I can Samba in the stands in Rio.  Bring on World Cup 2014!!!


2 thoughts on “Adios World Cup 2010- :(

  1. You are right it was an amazing escape for all of us worldly folk. Reality bites and thank heaven for a few weeks of escape here and there. I am also happy with the results but was quietly rooting for Netherland, anything to upset my mate LOL.

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