I Love You, Oz but…..

I consider Australia to be my second home. Though it has been a while, I have made many trips to Australia, the last of which I almost did not return from because I became so attached to the people, surroundings, the natural beauty, and the general feel of Melbourne and Victoria. The pristine beaches, the kangaroos running around in the wild, the cute little magpies and kookaburras found in abundance in The Grampians National Park are all more than enough reason for me to want to go to Australia as often as I possibly can. But there is just one thing I will never understand. What the hell is it with that Vegemite crap? Seriously!!!! I’ve tried. I’ve really tried. I pride myself on being an adventurous foodie but try as I might, I can’t choke that crap down for anything. I tried on numerous occasions to talk myself into liking it out of just wanting to be a good sport but God help me, I can’t do it. I realize that it might be one of those things you have to grow up with which might explain why I travel with a jar of Skippy peanut butter in my luggage when going on extensive trips. But I have been staring at this jar of Vegemite in my cupboard for so long that at this point, it’s just a souvenir. I treat it as a friendly reminder of how much I love Australia even though they mass produce something that tastes worse than sardines left outside on a hot day. Thankfully, Australia has enough great restaurants and food diversity to save it from being defined by this food atrocity. In fact, some of the best meals I’ve ever had have been in Australia. Don’t forget that they have an incredible wine region where the fabulous Shiraz is produced. So for that, all is forgiven. Not to mention that my friend’s mother is Italian and makes the best Italian food in all of Australia and Italy put together. But that’s another post. Never the less, where the packaged foods are concerned, as long as Tim Tams (www.about-australia-shop.com) exist,  I will have an Aussie treat I can enjoy without having to choke down Vegemite.  Sorry Oz, love the country, hate the spread!   😦


6 thoughts on “I Love You, Oz but…..

  1. Regardless of how many people I find alive that are non-Aussies…travelers who have visited Australia, never, and I mean NEVER have I met even one who thought Vegemite was even a faux-food, much less a popular one, while visiting Australia.

    I am on to something here…stick with me.

    Australians have a reputation for ruggedness, athletic prowess and outdoorsiness. It is the Vegemite. Let’s face it, we’re proud to be Americans, but we are a bunch of pussies compared to the Aussies. They handle a severed forearm the way we deal with a bad hangnail. But Vegemite could be the equalizer. Imagine the typical Aussie man or woman taking a bite of this yuk, never alone, always in the company of others (where reputations of any kind are born), and now they’re up from the table like lightning, running so far and fast away from the dining table that their family/friends don’t see them chundering just beyond that last visible eucalyptus. Just as quickly they return, unruffled, muttering something about seeing a 3-legged Wallaby on the front stoop. Now all of them that ingest this muck do this same scam and nobody seems to notice, cuz they’re all in the midst of the lunacy of it all. And it’s this amazingly quick up, out, regurgitate, back, mild excuse and back to normal that is the training that gives the Aussies their lean, fit bodies. Little known fact.

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