Book Review-Tales of a Female Nomad

Because the movie Eat, Pray, Love has received so much attention,  I know everyone is running out to buy the book if they haven’t already read it. In keeping in line with the spirit of Eat, Pray, Love, I wanted to recommend another story of a woman who ventured off on her own called, Tales of a Female Nomad by Rita Golden Gelman.

At age 48, this mother of two grown children and children’s book author decided it was time to pursue her dream of traveling to exotic parts of the world, shedding the comfortable lifestyle she was used to living. She sold her possessions, and began an adventure which resulted in a 15 year progression to becoming the consummate worldly traveler.  Not only did she travel, she immersed herself into every culture she encountered, making herself a true citizen of the world. She observed orangutans in Borneo, slept on platforms and huts if required, learned the Indonesian language out of necessity, and learned how to cook, exotic cuisines from her first hand experiences with the locals. Her travels were often difficult, sometimes uncomfortable during ceremonies she encountered, but she displayed the kind of growth which comes as a result of opening up and trusting the human spirit. In doing so, she also revealed some common threads shared by varying cultures worldwide. What also comes about, is the internal conflict in choosing this lifestyle, wondering if she had given up her community at home in order to pursue this dream. It’s not always the romantic notion that many have in throwing it all away and becoming a nomad. There is a price to pay.

She is living proof that you don’t have to be 18 and athletic in order to explore the world around you, and further proves that life begins when you want it to, not when age or circumstance dictates. It’s an enjoyable read and will inspire anyone to follow that little instigating voice we all have to get out of our own way and follow our dreams. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Book Review-Tales of a Female Nomad

  1. Yes I can relate damn it. Its funny how when men reach mid-life they leave their wives for a younger woman, but when a woman reaches mid-life she splits on a trip. LOL

  2. I’ve got plans to see Eat, Pray, Love with a bunch of friends Tuesday night, then plans to pick up Tales of a Female Nomad on Wednesday. I figure that by Saturday, I’ll have my bags packed and will be headed out the door for Bora Bora (my personal choice for the first stop on my global travels)! Thanks for the suggestion on what sounds like a great read.

    • That’s a great plan! It’s an older book but you should be able to still find it in the travel section of your book store….I hope! And look out. These books are a horrible influence on anyone with the slightest bit of wanderlust!

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