Tales of The Kitty-Cat TV

Ms. Phoebe Kitty and her housemates have the luxury of only having to be alone for about 3 hours every day because there is usually somebody around the house due to screwy schedules. Nonetheless, there is a rambunctious teenager in the house who was rescued from the wild but is totally ungrateful. He insists on terrorizing the two elderly ladies of the house which would be her  highness Phoebe, and little Mala, who looks petite but has been known to murder and mutilate wildlife. That unruly teenager is known as Gizmo, who is sweet and cuddly when he is asleep, but the scourge of the universe when he is awake and wound up. In the effort to give him something to focus on beside trying to constantly piss off the other two cats, we bought him Cat TV DVD’s. These DVD’s are meant to provide endless entertainment for kitties, showing a constant stream of wildlife to keep the felines fixated on the television, therefore eliminating boredom and hopefully, the need to kill each other. Given that Mala has one bad eye, Phoebe is not totally deaf but partially hearing impaired and Gizmo is in desperate need of Ritalin, I was skeptical as to whether or not we should bother with this little experiment. But, to our surprise, the thing actually works.

Mala was the first to show some interest in the digital prey.

Phoebe, usually relying on visual aid, noticed that Mala was showing interest in the TV so she decided to check it out.

Eventually, Gizmo came in to see why the other two weren’t paying attention to him. Badass that he is, he stayed a safe distance from the TV on the floor between Mala and Phoebe.

However, as soon as the rats came on, Gizmo had the scare of his life and ran out of the room as fast as he could. The two ladies were left to reminisce about how they were killers in their heyday. The Kill Bill unit of the feline world if you will.

He did however return in time to watch Entourage. Should have known. I guess along with buying three kinds of food we’re also going to have television preferences to deal with. Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.


6 thoughts on “Tales of The Kitty-Cat TV

  1. Love the post and the photos! I also have a DVD for my cats! It only has birds so my two kitties are deprived of rats. I’m pretty sure Dewey would love the rodents, but Tiger (ironically, given the name) would follow in Gizmo’s tracks. He’s dive through the cat door to our basement and wouldn’t resurface for days. Thanks for a good laugh at the start of the day. And for adding Big Happy Nothing to your links!!

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