Castellers or a human castle at La Sagrada Familia. This gave me heart palpitations watching this come together because they were all shaking before the last person could get to the top. I didn’t photograph the last person because I was hiding my face at that point.

~Barcelona, Spain

Enjoying the local talent while standing in line for the Picasso museum.

~Barcelona, Spain

A walk through the park on a beautiful afternoon.

~Valencia, Spain

The Historical Center at night.

~Valencia, Spain


2 thoughts on “FRIDAY PHOTO-Spain

  1. Castellers = Yikes! Picasso Museum = Jealous! Thanks for sharing all of these great photos. My family participated in a Spain exchange when my oldest was a junior in high school. We hosted a teenage boy from Madrid for two weeks, and then my son visited him and his family for two weeks. Loved it. I hope to go someday!

    • What a great experience! I think every parent should do that for their kids. I used to work with college kids at Stanford and the exposure they get from those experiences is priceless. It makes a kid so much brighter and opens their mind in unbelievable ways. I know you’ll go. You have the perfect attitude for travel and I know you’ll hit everything on your list eventually. Or be like me and go broke and exhaust yourself trying!

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