On the waterfront in beautiful Siracusa, Sicily. Old world charm is what comes to mind when I think of Siracusa and Sicily in general.

At the local fish and veggie market.

~Siracusa, Sicily

~Taormina, Sicily

~Taormina, Sicily


5 thoughts on “FRIDAY PHOTO-Sicily

    • I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! This would be a nice time to go since the crowds would be smaller by the fall. I went in summer when it was hot and crowded but fall would be fantastic. I hope you go!

      • September should still be quite hot but that makes for a nice evening “passegiatta.” (stroll) Don’t miss the lemon or almond milk granita and brioche. It’s like a lemon or almond milk slushie poured in the middle of a round of sweet bread. It sounds weird but I still miss having that for dessert. The granita desserts in general are better in Sicily than in Italy. You’ll love it!

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