iphone vs. the Techie-Dinosaurs

Ride the wave? Don’t ride the wave. Ride the wave? Don’t ride the wave. Look. I get it. Change is difficult. I have had to weigh the arguments for and against progress and technology more times than I care to admit. For God’s sakes, I was in the travel industry. Tell me I shouldn’t be bitter about technology! I adamantly believed that it was better to wait and receive a beautifully printed brochure from the Hotel de Crillon in Paris instead of looking at it on a screen instantly. (Although their website is fabulous.) But…… whatever.  I’ve experienced my growing pains, realized that change is inevitable, and progress happens whether we want it to or not. You have to make a choice. Either ride the wave or get slammed by it. And getting slammed by it in the technological sense means constantly saying, “Huh? What the hell are they talking about?!” And there you have it. The species known as The Techi-saurus rex. Also known as the Techi Dinosaur.

This is a flipping joke coming from me considering I held off on getting a cell phone until everybody complained about me not having a cell phone.  That’s right, I was experiencing peer pressure in my adulthood over not keeping up with the latest and greatest but I am quickly becoming the geek I was always meant to be. My own dad has always kept up with what’s new but somehow, I ended up being more cautious about jumping into the technological pool until I know for sure that it’s going to change my life for the better. I realize that to hang on to the way we used to do things can be seen as rebellious, nostalgic, and uniquely individual in an ever changing world. Do you know what else it is? A pain in the ass to those around you. And there’s the rub. Is there is a happy medium? Can you be cool-vintage and anti-establishment with an iphone?

Photo of vintage phone taken with lousy camera phone.


Here is an my example of the techie-dinosaur. I have someone in my family who still has a rotary pay phone in his kitchen. It is a phone that I played with as a kid and loved and admired because it was so vintage and cool looking. But it’s a rotary phone and I have been dialing……yes, I said DIALING that phone since I was five. And now I’m forty. He also owned the same cassette tape player until the rest of us got sick of hearing the static and the endless attempts at pushing down buttons that were no longer working. Lest I not forget to mention the black and white television in his kitchen. The same one that produced the most irritating loud static sound as it tried endlessly to find a signal from it’s rabbit ears. What killed that piece of crap? It certainly wasn’t by choice. It was the death of analog.

On the other end of the spectrum are the tech junkies who have ipods, ipads, mp3’s, The Kindle, the Droid, you name it. This would include almost everyone else I know other than the techie-saurus  rex. I have always considered myself to be somewhere in the middle, somewhat interested in what’s new but not always finding a need for some of these changes in my life, only to jump on the bandwagon late every time. These are my current personal battles with the burning question, do I need this or do I not?:

Do I really need to have a GPS? I know how to read a map for God’s sakes which I still find to be a useful skill though some might find that to be as challenging as reading hyroglifics these days. I have to admit that my friend’s GPS has come in handy a few times but this is one of those areas where I don’t feel like the gates of heaven would open up for me if I had one. Maybe I’m wrong.

Do I really have to get an iphone, Droid, or a smart phone of some sort? I have a cell phone that does what I need it to do considering that I don’t need my phone to do too much for me. Some people do, but I need my phone to turn on and play fancy ring tones when my friends call and that’s it. Having said that, my friend decided to show me how her phone has eliminated her need for her computer altogether and now……you guessed it…..I’m looking into buying a damn iphone. She watches Netflix on the stupid thing, has GPS, well you all know. Everyone but myself has one so I don’t have to tell you.

And then there’s the Kindle. I REALLY want this thing but I have spent so many years collecting my beautiful travel books and I love my book cases. I am torn because though I don’t jump on a plane that often anymore, I think that the Kindle is the smartest piece of travel equipment to come along in a long time. (That and the suitcases with the roller blade wheels.) The amount of bulk eliminated from one little piece of equipment is fantastic. But then, if I didn’t keep buying books what would I have to dust every week?

The dinosaurs are the ones who roll their eyes to the rest of us who have shamelessly given into expensive fads and ongoing technology. I admittedly used to be a dinosaur until about the last 5-7 years. I was in Italy one time when an Italian woman in the airport bathroom was sobbing because she dropped her cell phone and it broke into 100 pieces. I thought she was nuts and needed to get a life. Today, I totally understand. I have since dropped my own phone and turned into the Exorcist when it broke into 100 pieces so I now get it. I’m still in a state of limbo with some of this stuff but I guess all I can do is just keep riding the wave and go with whatever floats my boat at the moment. For now, I can’t imagine that I need to clutter my desk with any more stuff!


4 thoughts on “iphone vs. the Techie-Dinosaurs

  1. Right there with you. I was at Best Buy the other day and noticed they have the Wii in red now. Which means every girl has to have a NEW Wii (I don’t even know or care that I am spelling it right)

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