It Figures. The Almighty Junk Sets Off The Rallying Cry.

Applause, applause. Somebody is putting their foot down on the violations to our 4th Amendment rights. I’m really glad that passenger John Tyner said, NO to this violation of privacy that travelers have had to endure for years now. I have to admit that I’m a little peeved over the fact that it took a threatened pee pee to sound the alarm on what a violation the security checks can be at the airport. It has been a Hooter buffet for almost 10 years where we’ve had to allow some random security person to get to second base for security purposes. Now, because we have evolved so much, you get a choice. Be physically groped and molested or give yourself up to a scanner which provides a full-on peep show for the screener. If disabled passengers are not able to stand up out of their wheelchairs or scooters, they get the groping session in their wheelchairs and scooters for their convenience.

The argument is that this is keeping America safe. By the time we collect our dignity and get on the plane, we should arrive to our destinations as the most combed-through traveling citizens of the world, right? This is a fool-proof system so nobody should have slipped through, right? What about that wannabe underwear bomber last year who boarded the plane in Amsterdam? Have we figured out how to prevent idiots and terrorists from boarding overseas and landing here?

Before I am accused of siding with the terrorists, let me just remind everybody about the 4th Amendment. We are protected against unreasonable search and seizure and there needs to be probable cause for having to go through a search. What we are experiencing at the airports are “pat-downs searches” which, according to the Constitution, is to be carried out by an officer. Mr. Tyner was absolutely correct in stating his boundaries. Furthermore, the alternative to pat-down searches which are scanner machines, are as much a violation to our rights as the invasive pat-downs. Have you seen what they can actually see on these scanners? If I’m going to be subjected to such a thorough and revealing scan, than I expect to have the results to my bone density, colonoscopy, and body fat count by the time I get my shoes back on. Even Captain Sullenberger (Sully) has spoken out against the invasive nature of the current practices of the TSA, having watched his wife be subjected to getting searched “in sensitive places.”

No matter where the spark came from, I’m glad this matter is finally getting the proper attention needed to sound the alarm on how wrong it is to put the traveling public through this. We’ve been obediently handing over our rights to our person and having to live with that weird feeling afterward in the name of national security. BS. Thanks for the innovative practices but find another way to protect me without violating me. I have spent so many years promoting the need for travel in our lives and now I hear more and more people wanting to stay home or drive long distances because of hassles like this.  Please TSA, do your job but stay away from our junk and our hooters.


Now that I’ve stood up on my soapbox, I found a clip from some Aussies who just happen to share my feelings on this subject and summed it all up so well. Warning: They’re a little more laid back about this then we are!


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