Blogging taught me…..

When you think about it, you can learn how to do just about everything from reading blogs. The reason I even started my own is because I’ve been told that I am SO opinionated therefore should have an outlet of some kind. That was probably a subtle hint to bother somebody else with my big mouth.

I have sometimes found that I’m not always in the writing mood, rather more interested in picking the brains of others in order to maybe find some inspiration or just learn something new. You would be amazed at what you can learn just from grazing the blogosphere.  Blogging has taught me:

–  I’m not the only one starting a blog at 40 39 29.

–  I’m not the crankiest person on the planet.

–  I’m not the only one who photographs their food.

–  You can make a cake out of egg nog.

–  There are others who feel that their writing isn’t as good as the next guy’s.

–  I haven’t even made a dent in what there is to see in the world. I have added many destinations to my list after reading posts from travelers in just about every part of the world.

–  Many grandparents know more about blogging and technology than I do. There are some seriously tech saavy seniors out there who are rockin’ the blogosphere!

–  I thought my love for my cat was crazy. It appears that there are many of us out there who go off the deep-end for our furry babies.

–  Anonymous women scorned with a blog should be feared.

–  I’m not the only one who needs inspiration some days to get going.

–  I’ve been left totally speechless by some photo blogs.

–  A blog can be indicative of a hoarding issue. I had to stop myself from adding any more widgets.

–  I too can cook like an Italian mama from Purugia just by following recipes found on blogs.

–  Thanks to others, I actually rediscovered my interest in…dare I say, sports. Aack! Did I say that? I’m not too interested in sports but I LOVE the World Cup and actually had the nerve to produce a couple of posts. On sports. Go figure.

–  There are so many of us Generation X-ers who blog and know in our hearts that we are still and will always remain totally cool. The fact that we’re still listening to 80’s music, watching VH1 Classic, and still going to Bon Jovi concerts proves this.

–  This is the best and cheapest form of therapy I’ve ever had the pleasure of discovering. I actually love my little outlet and find it to be a much healthier addiction than so many alternatives!

Happy reading and writing y’all!


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