FRIDAY PHOTO-Surfs Up in Santa Cruz, CA.

If it’s January then the waves are behaving normally for those who love to ride them. After a hectic week, my friends and I decided that a day trip to Santa Cruz was in order, rain or shine. There’s nothing like mother nature cooperating with you and unexpectedly stumbling on a surf competition on an otherwise perfect, sunny day.

Never too young to start!

Talk about timing. We just happened to be there when some surfers decided to take a shortcut into the waves.

It’s the time of year again for the Mavericks surf competition. I marvel every year at the courage it takes to face those massive, dangerous waves. To those who dare to challenge them, be safe and good luck to you!


4 thoughts on “FRIDAY PHOTO-Surfs Up in Santa Cruz, CA.

  1. Hey WanderWoman, LOVE those photos and your blog in general. I can totally relate to the shoe thing – my weakness. I’ve never been to Italy (it’s on my list) but I’d go absolutely crazy for their leather goods. Heck, I go crazy here!

    • Hi Marcia! I believe it’s every woman’s right of passage to go to Italy just to shop! Well, shop and eat. Shop, eat, and talk to the men. You get the idea! If you ever go, enjoy the heck out of it.

      • You are so right! But I want to do it like you did – a couple weeks at the most in one place just soaking it up. My dream is to travel around the world – thing is, I was never the backpacker but I don’t have the trust fund either so I’m not sure yet how to accomplish that. But I feel it in my gut – maybe it’s my mid-life crisis – and I always find a way to honor what my gut tells me to do.

      • Absolutely! Listen to your instincts. I travel on the cheap but upper crust cheap. It can be done! You just have to do a little homework and trust yourself. You’ll do it!

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