Now That’s a Cocktail

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Sometimes I’m in the mood for a drink and not just anything will do. I do have my standards after all. Actually, I think it’s just a matter of being…..let’s say over 30… and not able to handle cheap alcohol anymore. I have grown to appreciate a well-made drink and think that it should be enjoyed in the same manner as enjoying a nice meal. Enough to enjoy but not over indulge so that it becomes gluttonous. (O.K., a little gluttony doesn’t hurt.)

A french brasserie in San Francisco known as Absinthe, has been praised for it’s fine cuisine and beautiful atmosphere but they also have a great reputation for serving a mean cocktail. Located at the corner of Hayes and Gough in Hayes Valley, Absinthe reminds me of brasseries I wandered into in the Bastille neighborhood in Paris. The decor is classic and the menus are heavenly. But if all you are after is a beautifully made cocktail made with precision, then Absinthe is the place to go. This is for those who want something beyond a shot of this with a splash of that. See for yourself on their cocktail menu. For obvious reasons, I had a drink called The Wonderlust which can be found on their Premium cocktail list. It’s not only a beautiful drink to look at, but delicious and different from anything I’ve had which includes a splash of… guessed it…..Absinthe. (Hey, I wanted to see what all of the shouting is about.) Held on the last Monday of each month, they host an event called, Pickled which features a set menu of seaonal cocktails with food to compliment the tasty drinks.

No matter the poison you pick, it will be made to perfection. Don’t miss this little slice of Paris while in The City.


7 thoughts on “Now That’s a Cocktail

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  3. Thank you for the suggestion! I’m going to tell my neighbor Greta about it. She has a walk-in, climate-controlled liquor cabinet, after all.

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