A beautiful day at Pismo Beach, Ca. This is right in front of the Best Western Hotel.


10 thoughts on “FRIDAY PHOTO-Pismo Beach, CA.

  1. Oh … my … gosh! GORGEOUS! I love the ocean, dolphins, and anything that resembles bougainvilla. The bluffs remind me of Block Island (RI) and Martha’s Vineyard. If you ever have a chance to visit either, I think you would love those islands.

    • Martha’s Vineyard is one of my dream trips that I haven’t taken yet. One of these Fall season’s I’m going to make the effort and I’ll definitely look into Block Island as well. I don’t know anything about it which means I’m going to have to check it out! Thanks!

      • I will gladly provide you with more information than you could possibly ever want about Martha’s Vineyard when you go. I spent a few summers there camping with my aunt and uncle, who spent 25+ summers on the island. Nantucket is beautiful, too! My husband and I took our boat to Block Island for about 20 summers. Let’s see, for starters, let me suggest that you take three weeks to visit them all! (And that’s my dream trip – any vacation for three weeks in a row!)

  2. P.S. Just viewed your Flickr photos – the pink skies are beautiful! You live in such a lovely state. I really need to move from my land-locked home in central CT and get back to the state’s shoreline – or somewhere with a beach and warm weather. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos of so many wonderful places!

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