Ghosts of Lents Past

Happy Ash Wednesday everybody! Now that everyone has “celebrated” Lent in their own way whether in New Orleans or Carnivale in Venice Italy, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty and actually decide on what to give up until Easter, if anything at all. For those who missed out on the joy of having your parents make you give something up during this time of the year, a history of Lent can be found here. Any Catholic kid will tell you that nobody got away with giving up brussel sprouts and church on Sundays.

What were some of the things I chose to give up for Lent? How about chocolate? Stupid. Yes, a valiant effort and women know that giving up chocolate is truly a sacrifice but I was still a teenager when I did that which means that I had raging hormones and no chocolate to quiet them. I think my parents almost caved during that one out of self-defense. My efforts however were rewarded on Easter with a large tin of Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies.

How about sugar? Even dumber, ya? Because chocolate wasn’t painful enough, I gave up refined sugar completely so I had no vice whatsoever. This was during the time that an allergist suggested that sugar may be contributing to my allergies so I thought, great. Lent is coming soon, so I’ll have a reason to give it up to test the theory. (Just test the theory, idiot.)

How about yeast? That’s right, yeast. No wine, no cheese, no bread. Doesn’t make for a very good Catholic, does it? Have I mentioned that I live in San Francisco? Sourdough bread was eliminated from the mix as well. That’s just wrong no matter the cause.

Notice that I’ve always used Lent as a reason to go on a diet of some sort. That’s par for the course with me considering that I get dyslexic with the eating to live/living to eat logic. I’m not a practicing anything these days because that would require commitment after all, but lately I’ve been thinking of getting my Lent on. There is something to be said for fasting or creating a goal and sticking with it.

What do you think? Should I go for the triple crown this time and give up all three??!! Are you giving anything up? I would love to know!


5 thoughts on “Ghosts of Lents Past

  1. I have never given up anything for lint – no matter what – I live as I should and eat what I want and I don’t need a few weeks a year to do what I normally do the entire year. I think healthy eating replaces lint – LOL

  2. I thought about giving up alcohol. But I’m going on vacation in a few weeks. Will have to think of something that I can really do without. What I am saying? That’s the whole idea! What about making a goal and sticking to it, like yes, giving up alcohol. Okay now, see what you made me do? LOL!

      • You’re right. It would be awful to be on a diet or to be off alcohol while on vacation. I’m not that disciplined. I’m looking forward to the trip — will be marking off one of my bucket list items. Woohoo!!!

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