Happy 4th! And for those of you in the fog…..

I made it through one summer in Seattle and left pissed off because I couldn’t see the fireworks on the 4th of July. Now, I live with the San Francisco fog so I must subconsciously like it. Go figure.

For those of you who need something to do besides watch highlights of everyone else’s fireworks, there are plenty of patriotic movies you can watch to still feel like you’re part of the 4th festivities. There are the obvious ones like Born on the 4th of July, but consider some of these other, less mentioned films that will leave you feeling like a proud Yank.

The Fighting Sullivans is still one of my all-time favorite patriotic movies.  I remember my mother telling me the story about this real family who lost all five boys in WWII. I still watch it all the way through if it happens to come on t.v. It’s the real story that inspired Saving Private Ryan.

Saving Private Ryan-The first 20 minutes is probably the best account of Normandy on screen. A close second is The Longest Day which is a better film overall in my opinion.

For The Boys is one that I just saw again and had forgotten about. It’s one of those movies that has everything: great music, funny as hell because Bette Midler is in it, and sad as hell because Bette Midler is in it. It’s a fantastic story and shouldn’t be missed if you haven’t seen it yet.

Rocky IV-I’m sorry, I know it’s a stupid movie but it’s one of those Cold War movies and I still remember people showing up to the theater dressed in American flags. I know, it’s scary what imprints are left in the minds of Generation X.

American Graffiti– This one doesn’t really have anything to do with Independence Day but this film has always screamed Americana to me.  The cars, the music, and Wolfman Jack howling in the background make for a truly American experience.

A League Of Their Own-Yes, this is a patriotic film. Let’s not forget who has kept this country going during times of war. I love this film because while women were trying to keep an American pastime going, they still experienced loss and sexism like the “Rosie the Riveters”, and still plowed through.

Glory-I think I have cried every time I’ve seen this movie. So many great actors in this film, great story.

Revolution-the 1985 Al Pacino movie seems to be forgotton. It’s not the greatest movie I’ve ever seen but it’s pretty good. And, hello…….Independence Day. How many times are you going to watch Will Smith conquer aliens?


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