Christmas Music Wars In The Workplace

Didn’t you notice? There is a Christmas CD for any style of music your little heart desires. Sounds great in theory but trying to find proper Holiday music in a work setting is utter crap. I work in a setting that caters to upscale seniors and last week, every time I sat down to chat with one of my clients, I heard Mariah Carey screaming at me. I love Mariah Carey and actually love that song, “All I Want For Christmas is You,” but somehow the WW2 generation doesn’t seem to click with her. I promptly jumped up and turned her ass down so she wouldn’t be screaming throughout the lobby. That came on the heels of my effort to hide the twangy Country Christmas CD that someone slipped into the lobby CD player last week when we had guests coming through the building. Now, look. I know there are people who like Country Christmas whatever and Justin Bieber’s version of Silent Night but again, we work with seniors. I’m sorry, is this rocket science? It’s not like my jobs in the past where everyone got to torture their coworkers with their favorite Holiday CD (mine was always Charlie Brown’s Christmas.) But come on people, who are your peeps? Who are your guests? Who are your clients? All I can say is that these people are lucky that ABBA never did a Christmas album or I might be equally tempted to settle my own appetite for what I want to hear in spite of what everyone else wants. 

I know someone who has to listen to his coworker’s talk radio station all day without fail, listening to subjects he could give a rat’s tukus about. On the other guys days off, he actually gets to listen to the happy music he longs to hear to get him through the work day.

You know you’ve suffered the same irritation at some time or another, so come on. Tell me what music you would torture your coworkers with if you could, even if it’s not Christmas music?




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