Carmel-Doris Day’s-Cypress Inn


What could be better than dining with your doggie?! For years I’ve wanted to check out Doris Day’s hotel in Carmel called, The Cypress Inn, Carmel by the Sea. This is one of those places that is open to criticism by the eye rollers but to animal lovers like myself, it’s the coolest idea in the world. We simply don’t give a rat’s tukus about what people think.

The hotel is Spanish style, upscale, with gorgeous rooms, some with a fireplace, and a beautiful patio to accommodate you and your pooch on a nice day. They have pet friendly restaurants and even have menus and biscuits at the ready. Doris Day is known for her love of animals and opened this hotel years ago and it has been going strong ever since. The lobby has Doris paraphernalia to admire throughout.

You know, these days that week in Hawaii might be out of the question. Who has the time anymore?! For a special occasion, anniversary, birthday, etc., this would be my choice. Not just because of the cuteness factor but because you can enjoy a gorgeous setting with a fantastic room and the big bonus is that you don’t have to pay to board the pooch while you’re gone. Not to mention that you have also eliminated calling the pet sitter twice a day to see how “Jaspar” is doing. (You know you do). Check it out. Your furry friend deserves a weekend getaway too!

The Cypress Inn-Carmel by the Sea-  (831) 624-3871 -Located at Lincoln and Seventh, Carmel, CA.

 Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.    ~Colette