Wow-I need a drink after that one.

 We laughed, we cried, we screamed, OH MY GOD! Sure, that was the best game ever but damn, did it it have to be THAT close?! This was like watching that scene from Rocky. Remember that one? Where Rocky and Apollo were both swinging until they both fell over and whoever was left standing was the winner? Different sport, same tenacity. I have to admit that I was slightly torn, given that Ghana was the last hope for Africa to have a team move on in the World Cup and I would have supported them had they moved on to play the Netherlands. But they were afterall, going against Uruguay, a team I have been admiring throughout the World Cup. Diego Forlan is awesome to watch and the thought of not being able to watch them go on the attack again was rather depressing to me. They made it through this time but now that Suarez won’t be in the next match after his “fabulous” job of stopping Ghana from scoring, resulting in a red card, I’m already planning on having the bottle of Aspirin handy when they play their next match. It’s worth saying that Ghana should hold their heads high in spite of their loss because they did Africa proud, fighting and sticking it to Uruguay until the very end. Fantastic job Ghana! 

On a cougar note, why hasn’t Calvin Klein contacted Diego Forlan yet? Hello????!!!!!! I’m over Beckham. It’s Diego Time!!!! 

Diego Forlan