Adios World Cup 2010- :(

Thank you South Africa for hosting an awesome World Cup! My old favorite teams didn’t do a damn thing, but I have a new appreciation for the South American teams including the incredible team from Uruguay. Was there a more entertaining and nail-biting team than that one? The controversy of Suarez, the finesse of Diego Forlan- who thought the color sky-blue could be so threatening?! Brazil had always been in the limelight in the past but they choked early on, letting Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay take the stage.  Good God, watching Maradona was a show in itself. That kind of insanity is priceless! Holland had an incredibly talented team and it could have gone either way but team Espana pulled it off.  I would love to take that little octopus Paul to Vegas to play roulette.  In the end, I am extremely happy with the result.

……But thank God it’s over! Now I can:

–  Do the laundry

–  Get to work on time

–  Water my plants

–  Feed my cat when she is hungry

–  Go back to the gym

–  Go grocery shopping for real food

–  Sleep in

–  Stop eating bar food

–  Stop drinking alcohol at 10:00a.m on Saturdays

–  Stop trying to get to bars by 7:00a.m in some cases. I have very dedicated friends.

–  Get ESPN and UNIVISION off of my favorite channel list

–  Give a crap about the real world again. Not looking forward to that.

This should hold me over until I can Samba in the stands in Rio.  Bring on World Cup 2014!!!


Wow-I need a drink after that one.

 We laughed, we cried, we screamed, OH MY GOD! Sure, that was the best game ever but damn, did it it have to be THAT close?! This was like watching that scene from Rocky. Remember that one? Where Rocky and Apollo were both swinging until they both fell over and whoever was left standing was the winner? Different sport, same tenacity. I have to admit that I was slightly torn, given that Ghana was the last hope for Africa to have a team move on in the World Cup and I would have supported them had they moved on to play the Netherlands. But they were afterall, going against Uruguay, a team I have been admiring throughout the World Cup. Diego Forlan is awesome to watch and the thought of not being able to watch them go on the attack again was rather depressing to me. They made it through this time but now that Suarez won’t be in the next match after his “fabulous” job of stopping Ghana from scoring, resulting in a red card, I’m already planning on having the bottle of Aspirin handy when they play their next match. It’s worth saying that Ghana should hold their heads high in spite of their loss because they did Africa proud, fighting and sticking it to Uruguay until the very end. Fantastic job Ghana! 

On a cougar note, why hasn’t Calvin Klein contacted Diego Forlan yet? Hello????!!!!!! I’m over Beckham. It’s Diego Time!!!! 

Diego Forlan

World Cup Diet

Leave it to me to find the fastest way to gain 75 lbs. in a one month period. By the end of the WC in the middle of July, that may be my reality! While knocking around town looking for a place to have dinner, my friend and I got the brilliant idea to honor a team that played in the World Cup that day. It so happened that Greece played that day so we decided to have Greek food. Alas, the World Cup Diet was born. Here is what has been on the hit list so far:      

I had a great falafel wrap, loaded with spicy tahini sauce in honor of Greece while my friend had a nice tomato and cucumber salad. I plan to “honor” Greece again by making a trip to San Jose’s Falafel Drive-In, for a falafel sandwich and a banana milkshake as featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.      

Days later, in honor of Mexico’s great win against France, I made a tasty huevos rancheros breakfast for myself, topped with my own homemade salsa later followed by an organic burrito which probably would have horrified my grandmother. (Healthy, organic, and Mexican don’t mix and are considered to be sacrilege).      

Over the weekend, though on the fence about whether or not to celebrate Italy’s so-so job against New Zealand, I got over it and managed to make a  penne pasta dish with plump Roma tomatoes, rosemary from my garden, olive oil, sea salt, and a little Cabernet goat cheese. Viva Italia.      

Call me psychic because I didn’t know Germany was going to win this week but I managed to have a healthy but yummy piece of apple strudel the night before Germany won their game. Again, organic and would horrify any hausfrau but it’s the thought that counts, ja?      

This weekend will be all about honoring the Yankee. Win or lose from here on out, there’s no denying the U.S. placed 1st in their group the first time since 1930, so it’s time to celebrate big. I will be having the biggest, sloppiest, drippiest, most disgusting cheeseburger I can get my hands on with a side of seasoned fries and maybe a chocolate milkshake. No, it won’t be organic.       


Any of these go great with either a well-made Bloody Mary if you are getting up first thing in the morning to watch the early games, or a nice refreshing mojito (or two) for the afternoon games. Both of those contain fresh ingredients so as far as I’m concerned they count as health food.      

I still have a hit list including Serbian food which I have had in the past and really liked, and African, which I haven’t had in a while but have been craving, and of course, South American. Australia is still in it but I can’t choke down Vegemite to save my life so I’ll honor them with a package of Tim Tams. You may have to hit the gym more often under this diet plan. If not possible, buy one of those inflated ball thingies and bounce up and down while you’re watching the game. I have found that at least you feel like you’re doing something other than just sitting and watching the game.    

The day after the World Cup ends, I’ll post about the World Cup Detox. Until then…….      

Any other suggestions????    🙂

World Cup’94-When the Brazilians took over the town

Ahhhh yes. Flashbacks. I haven’t thought about the Great Brazilian Invasion until just a few days ago when the World Cup started. But now that I’m clearing the cobwebs from the brain, I can see the  champs of ’94 as clear as day.

Since Stanford University was one of the venues for the ’94 World Cup, there was talk around Los Gatos, CA. that the Brazilian team was going to be housed in the area during the tournament. Huh. Ya, o.k, interesting, whatever. They just happened to be staying right up the street from my job at the time so there definitely was some curiosity brewing. It seemed cool enough but I don’t think anyone was prepared for what was about to happen. For anyone who isn’t familiar with Los Gatos, it’s a pretty upscale community, family oriented, clean, quiet, quaint, etc. It has always had its staple bars and late night hangouts but overall, it’s fairly tame and at its worst, has had moments of controlled chaos. But when the Brazilians came to town? Holy crap. Where did these people come from?! Night after night, the word was spreading that the Brazilian soccer team was out every night, after 2:00a.m. Of all the nerve. Truthfully, I don’t know if the team itself was in charge of getting the party started and I think they occasionally joined the parties but the supporters who loved and followed them seemed to have been the driving force behind what would be a month of celebration in the town. They were dancing in the streets, playing samba music, grabbing women they didn’t know to dance with them……and the locals were loving it. How could this be? It was like a fever was catching on and since I lived and worked up the street from where they were staying, my friends and I decided to check it out for ourselves.

Upon approaching the party for the first time, it was better than what we had heard. Downtown Los Gatos actually looked different. It felt like you were walking into the middle of a street party in another country, with flags waving and drums beating from every direction. I have no idea if the team won the day I decided to check out the scene. All I know is that beautiful Brazilian men, women, & kids were dancing and grabbing everybody to dance with them. And everybody wanted to dance with them. Granted, all of this took place in the middle of a work week, but in a town which is civilized to a fault, this was a breakthrough. Very simply put, nobody gave a rat’s ass about whether or not anybody was disturbed by the party. Everyone just wanted to keep it going until the drums stopped. That was it. The Brazilian team was from that point on the home team and they were going to remain so until they left. There was a slight pause when they played the U.S. but I think everyone got over it.

With every game, we were holding our breath for Brazil to win so they would be ready to start the party again. No matter what, the party continued and the support for the parties grew as they became more and more popular every day. Let’s just say that Los Gatos needed (has always needed in my opinion) a dose of “chill the f—out” and this was it.

The funny part was that you didn’t know who was a player and who was a fraud because it seemed like a lot of guys were wearing yellow jerseys and telling women they were players since women were now hot and bothered by the Brazilian team. Who knew?! I didn’t know what the hell the team looked like! I paid little attention to our own team much less the boys from Brazil. I just knew they were young and cute and knew how to samba! And when they actually won the whole thing? Just….absolute joy. If I remember correctly, the final was in Pasadena but the celebrations still took place. The entire Brazilian community who brought their celebrations to Los Gatos, left their footprint on the town which was to be memorable to everyone who was lucky enough to enjoy it.

And then they left. Talk about devastation. The parties came to a screeching halt. The Brazilian team and their supporters who followed them every night were so evidently missing, it was just sad. For a time it seemed like there was a lingering…..dare I say…..loss. It went back to being quiet and civilized because after all, parties can’t last forever but they were sorely missed. Mention that time to anyone who was there (and didn’t want to sleep for the month of June) and they will tell you how fantastic it was to have enjoyed such an invasion. I think it would be welcomed again at the first beat of a drum.

Little Horn from Hell

Dammit. I’ve been waiting to hear the Brazilian crowd go crazy after a goal and today, I couldn’t hear a damn thing over those stupid horns!! I swear they’ve been buzzing….literally buzzing since Friday. The first day it was fun because, well, it was the first day. The excitement, the noise, all of it was great because it set things off.   


But now, I could barely hear the guy from Univision scream, “Gooooooooaaaaaaalllllllllllll!!!!!!” because of the little horn from hell known as the vuvuzela. I didn’t even know what it was called at first and didn’t even pay much attention to it. But now, I have a name to the object of my disgust. VUVUZELA.   

Make it stop!!!!!